To mention Mercosur Trade Center - MTC - means outstanding credibility, ethics, professionality and distinguished methodology concepts, applied to the strategic development of the organizations.

Services offered by Mercosur Trade Center have as a principle to support and consolidate the presence of foreign enterprises at Mercosur, using conceptions which are adecuate to the present reality of the area and which are performed by professional who  have a large experience on the subject. These are not only the traditional consulting services but they involve an important concept: how to optimize each business.

Clients will find in Mercosur Trade Center a natural ally who will be constantly searching possibilities to add value and expand his business, solving problems in a global and integrated way, giving especial results.

At Mercosur, there are appearing new opportunities and market business and Mercosur Trade Center's mission is to warranty innovating solutions to its client's business, developing strategies to serve his requests in a competitive surrounding.

Argentine´s Headquarters:

Pte. Roque Saenz Peña 825, 2º Floor,  Of. 25
( 1035 ) Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tel:( 54 - 1 1 )  4328 - 8159

E-Mail: info@mercosurtc.com