Mercosur Trade Center has developed a special service for small and medium size companies which are at present operating with foreign trade, and also for those enterprises that want to start in a competitive and dinamic international market.

The main objective of this service is to strengthen competitivity and flexibility of this kind of companies using Mercosur Trade Center's network, and taking charge of your foreign trade departament.

Mercosur Trade Center develops your importing and exporting business in a global way: comercialization, logistic operation, goods nationalization, etc. It also offers as a complement  the following services:


This service allows our clients to know in detail the possible exporting of a determine good and the tariff and tax laws operating in each market.


Mercosur Trade Center develops an adecuate strategy and the necesary marketing to introduce your goods or services in the Mercosur countries.


Using our international agents network and according to the interests and needs of the clients, these could obtain information related to enterprises which are possibly interested in their good or services.


Mercosur Trade Center has a staff with a high experienced proffesionals in foreign trade with the aim of representing or supporting your enterprise in international business, as an example commercial missions, business forums, exhibitions, etc.



Personalized support: Mercosur Trade Center will have at your disposition an account executive, who will inform about all your needs, with effective and quick answers.

Costs Reduction: eliminating expenses to mantain a fixed structure for the foreign trade departament.

Flexibility and Celerity: the specialized professionals of Mercosur Trade Center are at the service of the clients, with the aim to offering solutions to their different problems or needs which could arise from international businesses.

Business Increase:  Mercosur Trade Center network will function as your selling agent in foreign countries, increasing the opportunities for new business.